Infrastructure Transparency Index of Ukraine – 2021


Infrastructure Transparency Index

Ukraine got 62.18 points out of possible 100 in the study conducted by a team of CoST Ukraine experts. The study was initiated by the International CoST Secretariat with using its methodology.

This is the national indicator of the Infrastructure Transparency Index of Ukraine in 2021.

According to Christian Purtman, Chairman of the Board of the International Secretariat of CoST, it is not for nothing that Ukraine became one of the 6 countries selected for the pilot study, as the local team of the Initiative proved its effectiveness in spreading the principles of transparency and integrity, as well as in assessing infrastructure openness.

“Experience from the implementation of this project in Ukraine has allowed us to acquire practical knowledge and skills that will help conduct similar research in other CoST member countries, which are now more than 20,” he said.

He was supported by the author of the methodology, CoST international consultant David Zamora, who presented the methodology by which the choice of participants was formed and evaluated.

“The infrastructure transparency index shows the degree of accountability of public funds managers, the strengths and weaknesses of public administration, as well as the role of each individual citizen in the decision-making process in this area,” he said.

This opinion was shared by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov. He mensioned that transparency and accountability is one of the key principles that will guide the team of the Ministry of Infrastructure through the implementation of CoST standards.

“I am glad that the implementation of this Index began in Ukraine. And even if this year the level of openness of our state bodies, as well as the level of interaction between the state and citizens is a little more than 60% of the perfect level, we already have initial data to assess the effectiveness of changes and reforms in this area planned for the future, “said the Minister.

Moreover, the derivation of the Infrastructure Transparency Index allowed CoST specialists to compile a Transparency Rating of Road Workers and Services Purchasers from among 30 participants: 13 local administrations, 10 road services, 6 state-owned enterprises at the regional level and 1 state-owned enterprise at the national level.

The formation of this sample group was carried out on the basis of the already mentioned methodology, taking into account the peculiarities of Ukraine.

“The main criteria for selecting organizations were participation in the” Big Construction “program, the volume of their procurement budgets, the scale of their infrastructure projects, as well as the availability of payments at 99-100%,” – said the project coordinator Svyatoslav Abramov.

The study itself was conducted in 4 dimensions: “favorable environment”, “information disclosure”, “capacity and processes” and “citizen involvement”, in 2 ways – by working with open sources, as well as conducting interviews directly with representatives of procurement organizations

According to Nadiya Babynska Verna, an assessment specialist, the highest score, 70.2, was calculated in terms of “Favorable Environment”, which included assessing the compliance of Ukrainian legislation with the needs of all market participants in infrastructure works and services, as well as the availability of appropriate tools, necessary for the comprehensive disclosure of information about projects.

At the same time, the “Disclosure” and “Capabilities and Processes” dimensions, which assess the institutional capacity of procurement organizations to disclose data, including in accordance with CoST standards, received significantly lower scores, 59.03 and 64.69, respectively.

These measurements have demonstrated the unwillingness of some procuring entities to use the full arsenal of transparency tools, primarily due to the fact that many of them are newly created, and therefore they have not yet developed a mechanism for providing access to public information, there is a need for additional technical support, creating web offices and even increasing the number of employees.

“At the same time, road services have much higher rates of measurement than local authorities and their newly established state-owned enterprises, as road services have individual employees who are responsible for both access to public information and communications, public relations, as well as all the necessary resources for the publication of information on projects – web pages of services, as well as pages in social networks, “- said N. Babynska.

The indicator of measurement “Involvement of citizens” was also low, and amounted to only 56.56 points, which, according to the expert, is due to the common approach in Ukraine to the implementation of infrastructure projects, when planners and customers of works and services are some subjects of state powers, and their customers – other organizations that do not see the need to work on interaction with the public.

“Moreover, 5 out of 30 procurement organizations were evaluated in only 2 out of 4 dimensions, because their representatives refused or avoided the interview. This indicates the closedness of these buyers, and therefore affects the transparency of the entire sphere of Ukrainian infrastructure in general, “- said N. Babynska.

According to the results of the study, the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Road Service and the Department of Roads of the Lviv Oblast State Administration were recognized as the most transparent in their activities;
the third and fourth places with a small difference were shared by the road services in Lviv and Rivne regions, and the fifth place was taken by road service in Khmelnytsky region, gaining 83.34, 83.10, 76.43, 76.03 and 75.79 points – respectively

At the end of the meeting, CoST Ukraine Executive Director Kateryna Basova noted that despite the fact that there is still something to work on, Ukraine has something to be proud of and for comparison cited the figures obtained during the study in Costa Rica.

“National indicator of the Infrastructure Transparency Index: 47.51,” Favorable environment “- 30.4,” Processes and capabilities “- 41.8,” Involvement of citizens “- 37.7,” Information disclosure “- 67.2”.

Press-office of CoST Ukraine


Ukraine ITI Results Summary 2021


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