CoST Ukraine implements a new socially significant project “USI”


Ukrainian Social Infrastructure

“Don’t whine, but make a difference,” claims CoST Ukraine and starts to work on a new socially significant project, the Ukrainian Social Infrastructure information and communication online platform.

The concept of this platform became one of the 6 winners of the Act to Connect competition, that was held within the framework of the EU and Eastern Europe Foundation “3D Project: Development despite obstacles. Sustainable civil society in times of pandemic and in the future”.

According to project manager Tetyana Lutai, who presented the future development to the jury of the competition, the USI platform is primarily designed to establish a constant dialogue between local authorities and citizens, so that the local authorities take into account the interests and needs of citizens in the allocation of funds and management decisions.

“For this, we create tools of the system in accordance with the functions it will perform: information-analytical and communicational,” – said T. Lutai.

The information-analytical block will allow every citizen of Ukraine with the help of a number of filters to find on an interactive map all objects of social infrastructure in his settlement, district or region, as well as comprehensive information about every object – when it was built, reconstructed or repaired, who was the customer of the works, and who was their contractor, and most importantly how much it cost and from what sources it was financed.

“Here you can check the contractors, get acquainted with their project portfolio, make sure there are certificates and permits,” she said.

The communication unit, in turn, will allow users to leave feedbacks, organize or participate in online discussions of projects, submit petitions and collective appeals, as well as receive advice from leading experts and feedback from CoST specialists.

“We are convinced that the” USI”platform will be useful for active citizens who seek the most efficient use of funds for the best possible development of infrastructure in their localities or regions, and local authorities who have access to relevant information about the needs of their communities, and companies that work in the segment of construction works and services at public expense to study the supply and demand of the market”, – said T. Lutai.

She noted that the CoST team is already working on the development of a map of social infrastructure in Ukraine, a system of analytical reports, forms of data import / export and feedback from citizens, as well as the visualization of appeals.

“Winning the competition will allow us to start working on a communication unit – creating functionality for public discussions and petitions, as well as to promote the product on the market and develop tools for implementing a business model,” she concluded.

Press-office of CoST Ukraine

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