CoST Ukraine begins active cooperation with the Kyiv School of Economics.


CoST Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an unprecedented and unprovoked war against Ukraine. Cities, critical infrastructure and property of Ukrainian citizens and businesses were destroyed and damaged as a result of a large-scale Russian invasion, rocket, bomb and artillery shelling.

In May 2022, CoST Ukraine successfully started working on the project, signing a memorandum with the Kyiv School of Economics under the “Rosia zaplatyt” program. The memorandum of cooperation provides for mutual assistance and support between the two organizations. The main goal of the project is to accumulate all reliable data on losses from various government agencies, individuals in a single and properly verified database. The KoST Ukraine team supports the project on an ongoing basis, currently analyzing data on losses incurred by Ukraine in the infrastructure sector. The parties agreed on:

  • mutual exchange of available data on material damage caused by Russian aggression, as well as open access to such data;
  • openness and transparency in joint activities within the project, accountability to civil society, as well as compliance with anti-corruption legislation;
  • support in covering the project activities and its results;
  • assistance in the development and application of methodologies for recording and calculating the damage caused by Russian aggression;
  • assistance in the development of the legal framework necessary to fix the damage and further prosecute Russia, as well as in the work of the legal team that will represent and protect the interests of Ukraine, Ukrainian companies and citizens.

You can learn more about the project on the platform

We believe in victory, we are actively working! Slava Ukraini!

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