“FIDIC supports CoST at the international level”, – Petter Matthews

As part of the Ukrainian visit of the International CoST Secretariat director Peter Mathews the MSG meeting has taken place. For the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative team the meeting with the head of the Initiative was very important, because the experience of 15 countries, where CoST has already shown certain results, and the international experts support is a strong motivation.

The CoST Ukraine has been the co-organizer of presentation of the Korean Clean Construction system

On the July 14 the presentation of the Clean Construction System as part of the workshop “Republic of Korea – Ukraine: sharing experience of developing a transparent public construction sector” has taken place in Seoul. The initiative of the meeting belongs to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, UNDP Policy Research Center in Seoul and the CoST National Secretariat in Ukraine.

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