About the Transparent Infrastructure portal

Transparent Infrastructure Portal is a joint project of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the CoST Ukraine Infrastructure Transparency Initiative, which contains information on more than 10,000 infrastructure projects. The information about projects is disclosed by 70% of the indicators proposed by international CoST standards.

The specified general set allows to make samples, to carry out researches and to receive understanding of a condition of affairs in the market of road works and services.

The Transparent Infrastructure Portal is built according to the standard developed specifically for the infrastructure sector on the basis of the International Open Contract Data Standard (OCDS). It allows quickly and clearly obtain the most up-to-date information on statistics and dynamics of the majority of the infrastructure projects in Ukraine.

Every day the portal automatically collects data from 5 reputable sources:

  • electronic public procurement system of Ukraine ProZorro (prozorro.gov.ua),
  • single web portal for the use of public funds E-DATA (spending.gov.ua),
    analytical system YouСontrol (youcontrol.com.ua),
  • registers of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine (dabi.gov.ua),
  • directly from customers.

After receiving, it processes them and exports in JSON format – in a clear form of diagrams and graphs that allow to track the direction of funds, the status of work and the range of participants not only within one project, but also within a particular area and even countries.
Soon to the purely professional analytics it will be added functionality for the general public – a map of repairs, which will inform about the overlap and restriction of traffic on public roads, a road bot that will direct users to whom you can contact on a particular issue, an interactive guide to help identify a defect in the road surface, as well as visualization of repair and construction plans.

Therefore, the portal of open data on infrastructure projects “Transparent Infrastructure” is the only source of information about everything that makes sense in the road sector of Ukraine.