About CoST Ukraine

The Infrastructure Transparency Initiative CoST Ukraine is a Ukrainian office of the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) with a secretariat in London (UK).

The activities of the Initiative are aimed to increase the openness of public funds managers, in particular the Initiative’s partners, and to ensure their transparency and accountability during construction, reconstruction and repair works, as well as to reduce inefficient management during the implementation and operation of infrastructure facilities.

Launched worldwide in 2012, the CoST Initiative began its activities in Ukraine in November 2013 when the State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) joined the Initiative.

History of CoST Ukraine:

In summer, 2015, with the support of the World Bank and the Government of Ukraine, a CoST Ukraine pilot project was launched to ensure transparency in the road sector. A Memorandum was signed between the CoST International Secretariat, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukravtodor and Transparency International Ukraine.

Within the framework of the pilot project CoST Ukraine on the basis of international standards of CoST “proactive” and “reactive” disclosure of information:

  • the tools for disclosure, confirmation and interpretation of infrastructure projects;
  • methods of verification of accuracy and completeness of information, provided by procurement organizations – customers of construction / repair works;
  • a mechanism for publishing objective disclosed data and ensuring public access to information on planning, implementation and control over the implementation of infrastructure projects were developed.

These developments were put in the basis of projects to verify the accuracy and completeness of information disclosed during the implementation of 4 infrastructure projects in 2016:

Disclosure of the information

“Disclosure of the information” in the framework of CoST projects is the disclosure of opened objective data provided by procurement organizations that order construction / repair work. In addition, procurement organizations agree to provide additional information under Reactive Disclosure, including specifications, reports, general characteristics of facilities, and project performance. The amount of data disclosed by the procurement organization is based on international CoST “proactive” and “reactive” standarts of information disclosure.

According to the international standards CoST IDS (Infrastructure Data Standart), procurement organizations disclose information at all stages of the infrastructure project from the planning stage to operating, under all contracts: for the preparation of design and budget documentation, performance of works, implementation of the independent supervision.

Proactive disclosure refers to the information that procurement organizations disclose about all eligible projects and contracts at these stages during the relevant project cycle. Information is disseminated in a clear presentation and convenient format through a public environment that is open and accessible to a wide range of interested parties.

Reactive disclosure refers to additional information that procurement organizations provide to any individual or company that verifies data for the CoST Construction Transparency Initiative in Ukraine. Reactive disclosure involves providing additional information in an accessible form to the requesting party and placing it in an accessible place.